Top List of Bowflex Exercise Equipment

Bowflex is a resistance exercise that utilizes weight rods to build muscle strength. The exercises are safer than free weights and other heavyweight lifting equipment. Most exercises done on gym machines can also be done with Bowflex home gyms. However, the Bowflex is compact enough to store anywhere within the house.

Bowflex is a smart piece of exercise equipment with a variety of exercises and achievable freedom of motion and its suitable for beginners. Utilizing the versatility of the machine, you need to try a 20-minute body workout in the Bowflex manual. Therefore this should be the routine as you workout using the equipment.

Top List of Bowflex Exercise Equipment
Top List of Bowflex Exercise Equipment

If you have a plan of establishing your gym, then you should weigh the possibility of getting the gym equipment. A home gym can provide a variety of exercises that are beneficial for a single machine. With this in mind, let us look at the top list of Bowflex exercise equipment.

1.Galena Pro Home Gym

The exercise equipment is more efficient as compared to other traditional gym machines since it can fit in any part of the room. The machines work on the chest, legs. Low pulley station and abdominal crunch. The Galena pro can be used for strengthening the major muscle groups in a short period. The exercise equipment delivers high-quality performance as well as useful results across the entire training.

2.Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

The machine support over 70 exercises to enable you to achieve a total body workout for body fitness and muscle growth. It has a maximum power resistance of 210 pounds however it can be upgraded to 300 or 400 for greater versatility. Bowflex Xtreme enjoys extreme construction that helps it to fit at any space at home and still leave extra room for other workout activities.

The exercise equipment will also help you build your shoulder and back muscles. Besides, you can quickly move from one workout to another with changing the cable setup.

3.Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The exercise equipment offers muscle strengthening workouts while adding more quality to cardio training. It also provides more than 30 cardio strength workouts with integration with the rowing machines. With resistance power rod going up to 210 pounds, the PR1000 is an efficient machine for working on shoulders, chest abs lower body and arms. The triple function of the equipment makes it convenient and allows more room for extra exercises. Further is had horizontal bench press and upholstered roller for extension workouts and leg curls.

4.Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym

The Body-Solid powerline provides innovative designs that allow you to adjust the seating areas easily by sliding the seat assembly on the sealed functional bearing carriage. The machine has a convenient backrest that is adjustable on different settings with extra stability. There are isolateral arms that can be used independently or locked together to be used in the traditional bench press with a maximum load capacity of 500lbs.

Most Bowflex home gym equipment provides a maximum –of 210 lbs; however, other models can increase up to 600 lbs. With the heavy-duty Bow flex models, you can easily engage muscle building programs. With a continuous workout followed by one day rest, you can improve your bodybuilding routine.


For instance, you may perform bench presses, chest fly of shoulder press on the first day. Then on the second day, you may try narrow pull down lat rows bicep curl as well as seated triceps for your arms and back. You can complete your routine on the third day with leg curls, leg extensions, leg press as well as abdominal exercises on your lower body. To make your exercise effective perform each task for at least four sets with ten repetitions

The compact nature of the Bowflex gym enables you to switch between the exercises without straining quickly. Therefore circuit training workouts on the Bowflex helps in doing this by selecting the best practices that target diverse muscle groups.

The significant benefit of owning a home gym is that it saves your time and money in the long run. You will be absolved from the gym membership payments as well as the time that you spend in the gym since you will utilize the machines well while at your home gym as compared paid gym equipment. Another good thing about the Bowflex exercise equipment they encapsulate all the equipment that is found in regular gyms and all are available at the comfort of your how however if you are in the market buying one, there are essential factors that you should consider to get the best out of the many categories.

Finally, Bowflex exercise equipment is built to give you the exact tension so that the training bands so that you can move from one exercise to another without changing the cable set up.

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